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Celebrate Earth Day with Big Little Parties: Eco-Friendly Party Planning Tips

Hey party planners and eco-enthusiasts! 🌎 Get ready to celebrate Earth Day in style with Big Little Parties’ guide to eco-friendly party planning! As we gear up to honor our planet, let’s dive into some fun and practical tips for throwing a sustainable and environmentally-conscious bash that Mother Nature would approve of! Why Eco-Friendly Party […]

Teepee Time: Elevating Sleepover Parties with Tent Rentals

Sleepovers have come a long way from the days of basic sleeping bags and popcorn. The latest trend in hosting memorable sleepover parties involves elevating the experience with enchanting tent rentals. Transforming ordinary living rooms into magical realms, themed tents are stealing the spotlight and adding an extra layer of excitement to sleepover party themes. […]

Unleash the Fun: Activities and Games for a “Wild One” Theme Birthday Party

A “Wild One” theme birthday party is a roaringly adventurous way to celebrate a child’s first year of life. Inspired by the untamed spirit of the wilderness, this theme offers endless opportunities for creative and exciting activities and games that will keep both the little ones and adults entertained. Whether you’re planning an indoor or […]

Organizing an ”Under the sea” theme party

Creating a successful “Under the Sea” themed kids’ party can be a fun and memorable experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you plan and execute the perfect party: 1. Invitations: Design invitations that reflect the underwater theme. Consider using elements like fish, mermaids, seashells, and waves. You could even use blue and green colors […]

Benefits of Renting Decorations for your Party

Planning a memorable and visually stunning party involves more than just inviting guests and serving delicious food. Decorations play a vital role in creating the desired ambiance and setting the mood for your event. While purchasing decorations might seem like the go-to option, an increasingly popular trend is renting decorations for parties. This article explores […]

Celebrations are important, especially for children!

Why celebrations are important? You are probably one of 2 people in this world. The kind of people that hate celebrating even their birthday and then there is us, who must plan some kind of event, actually. you can be in the middle as well it’s ok. For this very first article, I just wanted […]

The Magic of the backdrop

What is a backdrop and why do you need it for your next party? A backdrop is a decorative element typically used as a background or setting for various events, such as parties, weddings, photo shoots, and more. It is usually a large, visually appealing piece that can be placed behind a main area of […]