Celebrations are important, especially for children!

Why celebrations are important?

You are probably one of 2 people in this world. The kind of people that hate celebrating even their birthday and then there is us, who must plan some kind of event, actually. you can be in the middle as well it’s ok. For this very first article, I just wanted to point out some of the benefits of celebrating and commemorating special events even if you are anti celebrations.

Celebrations are important because they help us strengthen relationships, reduce stress, increase happiness, and create traditions, among other things.

They provide an opportunity to connect with others, create positive memories, and break up the monotony of daily life. Celebrations can also give a sense of accomplishment, especially if they commemorate a significant milestone. A study by the National Institute of Mental Health found that participating in social activities, such as celebrations and gatherings, was associated with increased levels of happiness and decreased levels of depression.

Celebrations are especially good for children

Celebrations can especially be very good for children. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Creating positive memories: Celebrations can create positive memories for children that they will carry with them throughout their lives. These memories can help to shape their identity and provide a sense of belonging.
  2. Boosting self-esteem: Celebrations can help children feel valued and loved. When children are recognized and praised for their accomplishments, it can boost their self-esteem and confidence.
  3. Developing social skills: Celebrations provide an opportunity for children to interact with others and develop social skills such as communication, cooperation, and empathy.
  4. Teaching cultural traditions: Celebrations can teach children about cultural traditions and the importance of honouring and celebrating them. This can help children develop a sense of pride in their heritage and respect for other cultures.
  5. Encouraging creativity: Celebrations often involve creative activities such as crafts, games, and decorations. These activities can encourage children to use their imagination and develop their creative skills.

Overall, celebrations can be very beneficial for everyone even if you don’t believe so haha but in all seriousness is especially good for children, of course always ask your little one first.

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Let’s get celebrating 🎉🎈

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