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How to host a successful slumber party

Slumber parties are one of the most creative ways to celebrate your child’s birthday. Here are a couple of tips and suggestions to make your slumber party a success.

  1. Invite the guests:

    1. Decide on the number of guests and make a list of friends you want to invite. Send out invitations via phone, email or snail mail.

  2. Plan the menu:

    1. Serve a variety of foods that kids love such as pizza, popcorn, chips and dips, cookies, and cake. Don't forget to ask about any food allergies before the party.

  3. Prepare the sleeping arrangements:

    1. You can set up air mattresses, sleeping bags, or even tents in the living room. Make sure the sleeping area is comfortable and cozy.

  4. Activities:

    1. Plan fun activities such as movies, games, crafts, and karaoke. You can also organize a pijama runway show or a pillow fight.

  5. Decorate:

    1. Decorate the sleeping area with balloons, streamers, and fairy lights to create a festive atmosphere depending on what your child wants.

  6. Keep the noise level down:

    1. Remind the kids to be respectful of each other's sleep and keep the noise level down after bedtime.

  7. Stay safe:

    1. Make sure the kids have a safe and secure sleeping area. Keep a first aid kit handy and go over the rules with the kids before they go to sleep.

With these tips, you'll be well on your way to hosting a fun and memorable slumber party but if you get even just a little anxious about all the planning remember that companies like Big Little Parties offer packages that include tents set up, decorations and more.

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