Tips And Tricks For Kids Party Decorations In Calgary

Are you planning to throw a surprise birthday party for your child? Are you planning to make it one of the best memories they would have?

Planning your kids’ birthday is undoubtedly an exciting thing! But with so much to do while planning the perfect party, the need for a professional party decorator would probably be at the top of the list.

kids party decorations

After all, you’ll need to make a guest list, perfectly execute every minor detail as per the theme, and do many other things too! It’s a huge responsibility.

No matter how fun and chaotic kids’ birthday parties can be, there is so much homework and hard work! And since you want it to be memorable and perfect, you can’t just trust any old kids party decorators, Calgary, can you?

That’s where we at Big Little Parties come in! We’ve got tips, tricks, and brilliant party decorators for you to hire.

So, if you plan to organize your kids’ birthday party, then continue reading, and you will find some fantastic ideas for kids party decorations.

Arranging Your Kids’ Party

Whether you are planning a foil balloon décor or your kids’ favorite cartoon theme party, when it’s about your kids party decoration, the only limit is your imagination! So what are you waiting for, isn’t hiring a professional kids party decorator a great idea?

kid's birthday party balloon arch

To help you get started, the following are some tips and tricks for your Kids’ Party Decoration:

1. Guest List:

First thing first, start by making a guest list. It will not only help you while giving invitations, but it will also help you with the arrangement of food and decoration since you’ll know what themes and types of food to narrow down too.

Not just this, it is essential for you to have your numbers decided beforehand. Remember how many people you would be able to accommodate at your home or your venue.

2. Balloons Decoration:

Balloons are the most loved part of any kids’ party decoration. Once you have decided on the theme, make a mind map of how you want the decoration. Decide which living room wall would be the perfect fit for the decoration.

balloon decor for kid's party

Keeping in mind that you have more kids as your guests, a perfect balloon décor would do a fantastic job to cherish those.

As you know, balloons are an essential part of any kids’ party decoration. Luckily, there is a pretty good variety of them available in the market:

● Foil Balloons

● Metallic Balloons

● Customized cartoon Balloons

● Star and heart-shaped balloons

● Colorful Polka dot Balloons

Depending on what kind of balloons you want for your kids’ birthday setup, you can ask your kids’ party decorator to use them accordingly with your theme. As you know, balloons will bring magic to your event!

3. Arranging Activities & Games for Kids:

Do you have an open area at your home or the venue? If yes, then this is all that you need. With an open space available by the venue, you have many options for arranging activities and playing games.

kid's party activities

As you know, this is another essential tip to make your kids’ party more exciting and enjoyable. Although there are many options for party games, you should choose the ones your kids would love the most.

For instance, younger kids with high energy levels and relatively active ones will enjoy games like hiding and seek, tag or bounce. At the same time, kids above ten can actively participate in creative activities or board games.

Another way to entertain children in Music is that some prefer to dance on the beat, whereas others love to play musical chairs. You run as long as the Music is on, and then you have to freeze when the Music stops.

Older kids can also enjoy arcade games, movie theaters, and paintball since most kids are there for all the fun and games. In contrast, others are there for the delicious cake and the goody bags.

4. Food and Appetizers:

Food is another essential thing on your list. While making your menu, you should keep this in mind because your primary audience is kids. And kids love handy things; they would not like to sit down to enjoy their food.

kid blowing out candles on birthday cake

They like it all handy, and they would choose to eat foods that they can grab and eat even while playing. Such food items include:

  • Sandwiches
  • Cupcakes
  • Mini burgers
  • Sliders
  • Juices
  • Chocolates

Whereas, there should be one or two main courses that they can have to fill their tummy when they get tired of playing and come to you hungry. Such food items can be anything including:

  • Noodles
  • Mac-n-cheese
  • Pizza or Pasta
dessert table at kid's party

Similarly, installing an ice-cream sundae bar and chocolate fountain is also successful in grabbing the kids’ attention at the party. Kids love to dip their marshmallows and wafers in the chocolate fountain!

Now that you have got done with the menu, it’s time for you to make some goody bags. Do you know a customized birthday setup that offers customized cutlery and goody bags too?

Not just this, you can also name your food items on the menu as per the party theme. And you would see how fun and engaging that would be for the kids!

5. Kids Party Decorators in Calgary:

Last but not least is the pro-tip! Instead of getting into the hustle of trying to manage everything by yourself, It’s a lot better that you opt to hire professional kids’ party decorators for your little one’s big day!

first birthday party decorations

If you don’t want your decoration to be anything less than best, Big Little parties are Calgary’s best kids party decorators.

Once you have decided on the theme, leave the rest to them. They will deliver you the best execution of your planned decoration ideas. If you are not sure about why you should opt for us,

Why Choose Us For Your Kids’ Party Decorations?

  • We have a complete collection of customized and personalized themes that you or your kids want.
  • Even though we will execute every minor detail of your plan, you will nowhere feel like you have lost control over the entire planning.
  • Once you have communicated and conveyed your expectations to us, all you have to do is sit back and relax.
  • Our various packages are based on your budget and how small or large a gathering you plan.
  • We offer you the best decoration, including beautiful, trendy, colorful, and environmentally friendly balloons.


So what are you waiting for, aren’t you convinced yet? If you, too, are looking for kids party decorations in Calgary for your kid’s upcoming birthday, this article has the tips and tricks you should know before organizing the event.

kid enjoying birthday party

As far as the decoration and the entire arrangement is concerned, leave that all to Big Little parties, and your kid will experience a new level of fun and adventure. We will add magical elements to our decoration while promoting their imagination!

Contact us at our website and make your dreams come true with us!